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Hundreds of churches have been recipients of grants from the Callaway Foundation.
Hundreds of churches have been bolstered by grants, some of which have been over the million dollar mark. Beginning in 1972, and continuing for more than three decades, the Foundation conducted a matching funds program for churches located within the city limits of LaGrange. Under such program the Foundation matched, on a dollar for dollar basis, funds raised by church members for major additions and improvements.

Under the matching funds program, First Baptist Church on the Square received grants totaling more than $7.4 million for several capital improvement projects. New Community Church on the Davis Road in LaGrange was granted more than $3.2 million for various projects. First United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church, both of which are located on Broad Street in LaGrange, received contributions in excess of $2.6 million and $2.1 million, respectively, for major additions and improvements.

The Foundation followed a different arrangement for churches located outside the city limits of LaGrange, but inside Troup County. Grants for such Troup County churches were generally 10% of amounts raised by church members for the projects.

The above arrangements have now been changed.

In an effort to more fairly allocate Foundation funds to all churches in Troup County, rather then just those located within the city limits of LaGrange, a new grant program for all Troup County churches was started in 2003. All existing commitments under the old program have been met and the new program now applies to all churches located in Troup County. Churches not located in Troup County are not eligible to apply. The maximum grant amount under the new program is 20% of the net actual cost of favorably considered projects.

The following forms and information on the current grant program for Troup County churches are available for download:

Standard Provisions of Grant Program for Troup County Churches
Application for Assistance Form
Certificate of Completion Form