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Fuller E. Callaway Foundation was founded by the late Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., as "Relief Association," with charter granted by Troup County Superior Court on December 1, 1917. Almost nine decades later, as of December 31, 2005, the Foundation has made contributions for religious, charitable, and educational purposes of more than $45.6 million, most of which has been for LaGrange area projects. The primary focus of the Foundation is now the operation of the historic Callaway home and garden, Hills & Dales Estate, for the education and enrichment of the interested public. The Foundation also funds three different scholarship programs. These programs are the George E. Sims, Jr., Nursing Scholarship Program, administered by West Georgia Health System, the Hatton Lovejoy Scholarship Plan and the Hatton Lovejoy Graduate Studies Fund Program, both of which are administered by the Foundation.